An Exciting Day Trip From Paris

Located at only 21km from Paris city center and Versailles is an incredible place to visit on a day trip from the City of Lights.
Thanks to the creative genius of the artists who embellished this site and to the greatness of its resident, King Louis XIV, the palace of Versailles is among the most sumptuous and famous UNESCO sites in the world.
The place is so vast that a single day spent here is often exhaustive unless well-planned in advance. But what are the unmissable parts of the palace? Find it out in our guide.

How To Get There?

As one of the main attractions in Paris, Versailles enjoys excellent connections with the city. Public transportation lines will take you from Paris city center to Versailles in about 40 minutes, but that isn’t the only option you have.
A reliable taxi service is often a more suitable solution. For instance, Come2Paris offers Paris airport transfers to Versailles but also private taxi services from your hotel to your destination.
Easy to book online, the service is customizable and you’ll benefit from a luxury ride in the company of a well-versed chauffeur who can surely give you indications on the best sights and unmissable spots of the vast domain.
A private transfer from Paris to Versailles also gives you flexibility. Spend as much time as you want to roam the gardens and to wonder the chambers of the palace; then, grab your Come2Paris cab for a safe and secure return to the capital.
Versailles – What To See In A Day?
Visiting the whole domain in just one day is impossible. That’s why Come2Paris recommends focusing on the main attractions.

The Palace

One of the most beautiful masterpieces of the French art, the Palace of Versailles was just a simple hunting lodge during the reign of Louis XIII; King Sun fell in love with the domain and transformed it into the splendid Royal Palace in 1682.
The palace served as the official seat of the Court of France until the French Revolution and later, the beautiful residence was transformed into a museum dedicated to the history of France.
One of the most evocative rooms is the gallery of the mirrors adorned with amazing stuccos and painting by Le Brun.
The great Gallery expresses the political, economic, and artistic success of France in the seventeenth century and it was originally used as a place of passage, waiting, and meeting.
Apart from these two environments, there are many evocative rooms and hidden gems to discover in the immensity of this residence.

The Gardens

Behind the palace extends a large park that impresses visitors with an enchanting landscape that stretches from the foot of the building as far as the eyes can see.
Embellished with elegant sculptures, water fountains, flowerbeds, and canals, the Gardens of Versailles shouldn’t be missed during your day trip.
Particularly original is the Grand Canal; measuring 1670 meters, the watercourse served as a backdrop for numerous events and boat races. In fact, from 1669, Louis XIV entertained himself and his guests with boat and miniature vessel races. Impressed by the beauty of the canal, in 1674 Venice even sent two gondolas and four gondoliers to King Sun, giving this place the name of Little Venice.

Grand And Petite Trianon

Only a few tourists know about Versailles’ hidden gems, the Grand and Petit Trianon.
Grand Trianon is a luxurious and refined “dépendance” built by architect Hardouin Mansart in 1687. It served as a refuge from the oppressive court life and as the place used by the King to meet his mistress. The intimate and elegant feel of this building enchants to such an extent that a small part of the building is today used as a residence by the President of the French Republic.
Petit Trianon served as a residence for Marie Antoinette and it still is an oasis of tranquility that transmits the rhythms of a simple life. This miniature palace was commissioned by Madame de Pompadour in 1760 and was built in accordance with a sober and very elegant blueprint.

Versailles’ Musical Fountains

From April to October, the musical fountains of Versailles also deserves a visit. Just admire the sunset and admire the water gushing to the rhythm of the music on Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. And when your visit is over, don’t forget to book your Come2Paris transfer service to get back to Paris, to your hotel, or even to the airport.versailles