6 Things To Know Before Booking Your Night At Moulin Rouge

Moulin-Rouge. A repertoire of dances, shows, and musical enchantment, in the vivid red light district of Pigalle. Your trip to Paris is just around the corner and you can’t wait to visit the most famous dancing mill in the world Moulin-Rouge. Sequins and can-cans excite you. But it’s important to arrive prepared at this appointment.
To get there from your accommodation or even from the airport, rely on the services of the best Paris taxi. Our English speaking drivers will give you a lot of tips to make your evening memorable.

1. Don’t visit Moulin-Rouge, live it!

The Moulin-Rouge is in effect a venue dedicated to shows and live entertainment . Although it represents a monument of the French capital, it is not intended as a reliquary or a museum to visit. The famous cabaret has not lost the glaze of old times and offers excellent shows every day, always full of pomp, art, and colors.

2. Book your Ticket in Advance

As with all attractions and respectable shows, it’s good practice to get your pass-through in advance. For two main reasons. You’ll save on the price – which is not exactly cheap – and will avoid the risk of getting there just to find out that all tickets have been sold out.
If this happens, however, your cheap Paris taxi can simply take you to another attraction.

3. The Shows last One Hour and Fifty

There are two main shows , the first at 21.00 and the second one at 23.00. Together with the attending the show, the ticket also entitles you to get half a bottle of champagne. The Moulin-Rouge also offers the coupled dinner + show ticket, starting at 19.00. The dinner is accompanied by a mini performance, which will then serve as a preamble to the actual performance of 9.00pm.
If you book for the show at 11.00pm, given that some lines for public transport may be closed when the performance is finished, we suggest making in advance your taxi Paris reservation online.

4. Dinner at the Moulin Rouge

As already mentioned, it is possible to have dinner at Moulin-Rouge, starting from 7pm. The Moulin Rouge offers a decent culinary choice. There are three standard menus , with very evocative names: Mistinguett menu, Toulouse-Latreque menu and Belle Epoque menu, each including three courses and a half bottle of champagne. There is no shortage of children’s menus and always appreciated alternatives for vegetarians and vegans.

5. Optimize Waiting Times

It’s almost impossible to avoid queues at one of the most famous places in the world. However, you can use some gimmicks to not waste more time than necessary .
Arriving in advance is a good idea if you want to secure a seat in the front row, but don’t worry if you arrive later. Yes, you’ll have to wait for a little in the queue but will still find a seat and the show will only start when all ticket holders are inside.

6. Dress Code

The staff at the Moulin-Rouge warmly recommends an elegant dress code that is suitable for such a sumptuous setting. Bermuda shorts, short shirts, shorts, sportswear and tennis shoes are strictly prohibited.
If a suit and tie do not fit in a suitcase, no problem. You can also bet on a more casual outfit, as long as it is not overly informal and unkempt. At the entrance, there is also a cloakroom service where to store coats, scarves, and handbags.
As for the end of the show, don’t forget your Paris taxi booking. Call or email us to get the cheapest taxi fare in the city.

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