5 Useful Tips for Visiting the Louvre Museum

Your Come2Paris private Paris airport transfer chauffeur has just dropped you in front of the Louvre. You’re very motivated to visit the museum, but these five useful tips can make your stay more enjoyable. Here’s how to make the most out of your time and enjoy the Louvre experience to the fullest.

1. Choose an alternative entrance

There is no magic wand that can make the long queues disappear at the Louvre . But one trick is to bypass the most popular entrance, the Pyramid. This is the main entrance, characterized by the busiest ticket offices. It gives access to the three wings of the museum but alternatively, it is, in fact, possible to use other less frequented entrances and get inside the museum faster.
The entrance to the Galerie du Carrousel, for instance, is located in the underground shopping mall which is connected to the Napoleon Hall and then to the museum. The entrance has its own ticket office but you can use a Paris Pass for an even faster move.

2. Plan your route in the Louvre in advance

The Louvre is immense and it is very easy to be struck by a sense of loss. But there is no need to worry, in half a day you can see the main collections as long as you’ll organize your time.
Our advice is to plan in advance which areas to visit. It is advisable to create a route, perhaps even from home, in such a way as to be able to determine which are the must-see artworks, leaving out voluntarily the rooms that interest you the least.

3. Make use of maps and guides

Visiting  the Louvre without referring to maps and guides could take away a lot of time. At the entrance, there are available printed maps that help to easily navigate between the different floors and the different sections of the museum.
Therefore, if you don’t have a mobile app or an internet connection, we advise you to pick up and use a map or the “First visit to the Louvre” guide. You can find them at the information desk in the Napoleon Hall and they are free!

4. For a more exhaustive visit choose the priority ticket with audio guide

In case you have the opportunity to spend a little more, our advice is to buy a priority ticket with audio guide. In this way, you will enjoy priority entrance to the Louvre but also the audio guide.
The audio guide will provide you with explanations, recorded in 10 different languages, on collections and halls of the museum to help you understand the history and meaning of the most famous works.

6. Avoid crowding in the museum

The Louvre Museum is open every day except for the Tuesday. But if you want to avoid finding yourself jostling among the crowds, we suggest avoiding a visit on Mondays and on the first Sunday of each month from October to March.
On Mondays the Museum d’Orsay and the Palace Of Versailles are closed, so the overwhelming majority of tourists will choose the Louvre as a destination. On the first Sunday of each month, there is free entrance and thousands of visitors are waiting this moment. The best days to visit are Wednesday and Friday.
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