5 Things to do to visit Eiffel Tower

1.Buying the Eiffel Tower visit ticket online

It is no secret that the Eiffel-Tower is one of the most visited attractions in Paris and perhaps in the world; this means crowds of tourists and endless queues all year round.
So here is our guide to better enjoy the visit to the beautiful Dame de Fer with 5 tips that will save you time and energy!
Buying the entrance ticket directly on the spot may seem the simplest solution – but it’s not. Just like booking your Paris airport transfer with Come2Paris, buying the Eiffel Tower visit ticket online is more practical.
In fact, buying it on the spot can turn into a real nightmare. Often, you’ll lose hours just to enter due to the long queues at the cash desks and lifts.
For this reason, our suggestion is to always buy the ticket in advance online and skip-the-line ticket with priority access is the fastest and most convenient, helping you avoid the long queues.

2. Book a Guided Tour or Dinner to skip the line

Booking a guided tour is another “trick” to bypass the long lines . Another way “to beat the queues” is to book a table in one of the Eiffel Tower restaurants – with the advantage, in this case, to also enjoy a memorable meal.

3. Use the Interactive Maps

Make use of the information panels, touch screens and digital albums that you’ll find along the corridor outside the first floor. They will allow you to discover all the aspects and the curiosities of the Eiffel Tower.

4. Use the First Floor for a “relaxing moment”

Did you get hungry or do you simply need a moment of rest? The Ferrié Pavilion wing on the first floor houses a specially designed area for relaxation. It includes a buffet where you can have a quick meal, grab a bite to eat, buy a bottle of water or chill on the patio on the south side where you can sit down for a well-deserved break during the visit.

5. The best time to visit the Eiffel Tower

There is no “better” time to avoid the large crowds, but in our opinion the probably less chaotic time to get on the Eiffel Tower is a couple of hours before sunset. Do not get us wrong, obviously it will be impossible not to find crowds, but consider that most of the tourist groups and many travelers visit the attraction early in the morning, so sunset is out of the rush hours.
Also, especially in the summer, sunset is the coolest time. Think also of the privilege of being able to admire the view in two different moments of the day , in the light of the day and when the sun goes down and Paris transforms itself into the “City of Lights”.

So whats next?

And for when the visit is over, don’t forget to book your private transfer from Eiffel Tower to your hotel or to Paris airport. Our English speaking drivers will certainly enjoy to hear your impressions and stories.


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