5 Things To Do In Disneyland Paris

Your airport taxi to Paris has pulled alongside Disneyland’s main entrance! You’re so excited to enter this whimsical world for the first time. But what to do here? Disneyland Paris can easily become overwhelming unless you know what to look for.
To help you in your quest, your reliable English speaking taxi driver can give you some tips. Or you can just check out our favorite top 5 things to do in this land.

1. The Haunted House

Called thePhantom Manor, Disneyland’s haunted house is located on a hill in the Frontierland area and is the perfect attraction for those who love thrilling stories. Inspired by the version present in American parks, this Victorian house has, in turn, inspired a film with Eddie Murphy. Inside, small wagons will take you to discover a story made of dancing spirits, play-alone pianos, ghost brides and true ghost towns. The setting is really beautiful and the Haunted House is considered the scariest attraction of Disneyland Paris.

2. The Big Thunder Mountain

This attraction is connected to Phantom Manor and the mine inside the mountain belonged to Henry Ravenswood, the owner of the house on the hill. This breathtaking ride is characterized by mesmerizing climbs and descents that for many represent one of the best rollercoasters in the world. Here you will not find death turns or twists, but the emotions are guaranteed during a kilometer-long journey that will take you inside galleries and on top of the mountain from where you can admire incredible sceneries. Big Thunder Mountain is one of the most visited attractions in Disneyland Paris, so we advise you to use the Fastpass to reduce waiting times.

3.Travel Like A Pirate

Another iconic attraction of Disneyland Paris is the Pirates of the Caribbean where you can experience the story of Jack Sparrow, the pirate made legendary by Johnny Depp. The attraction was re-inaugurated in 2017 after important restoration works. Here, you’ll get to enjoy enhancing pirate battles, musket shots, and a walk through a besieged fortresses. The path will lead you to a treasure and if you want to dine in a really unusual location, the Captain Jack’s – Restaurant des Pirates is hidden inside the attraction.

4. Sleeping Beauty Castle

Every Disneyland park in the world has its own castle: the one in Paris is inspired by the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty and is decorated with tapestries and stained glass windows that depict the main scenes of this fairy tale. Going up to the first-floor balcony you can enjoy a picturesque view of the Fantasyland area, while in the bowels of the castle lies the den of a scary dragon. In the structure, there is also the Boutique du Château where Merlin l’enchanteur will offer you precious glass articles.

5. Visit A Distant Galaxy

The Discoveryland area of Disneyland Paris is inspired by the novels of Jules Verne, HG Wells, and Leonardo da Vinci. The attractions include the submarine Nautilus but the true gems here are inspired by the Star Wars. Start from Star Tour – L’Aventure Continue , a 3D simulator that will take you on board a space vessel for an important mission between Jakku, Tatooine, and Hoth. More adrenaline is Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain, the indoor roller coaster where you will be involved in the battle between the empire and the rebel forces. The train reaches 70 km/h in 2 seconds, has 3 inversions and incredible special effects.
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